Are Subscription Boxes Sustainable?

Subscription services are inarguably convenient but they are not always environmentally friendly. Better Battery Co. offers a significantly improved subscription service model. We’ve carefully considered every aspect of the supply and recycling of our sustainable subscription boxes. We’ve even invested in zero waste subscription boxes, which feature fully recyclable and/or reusable packaging.  This way, you can enjoy the convenience of a battery subscription service while also creating a more eco-friendly world!

The Carbon Footprint of Shipping a Package

By now we are all familiar with the extreme convenience of online shopping and near-instant home delivery. But have you ever considered the impact all this convenience is having on the environment? Even subscription products that can be fully recyclable or use sustainable packaging still have a negative impact on the environment.

The shipping journey from factory, to warehouse, to shipping centers, to your house emits a multitude of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Now, this becomes a big issue when we consider that each item we purchase or reload on undergoes this cycle. Additionally, buying smaller quantities of items can exacerbate this issue, since the shipping of a small vs mid size order of most items emits similar -- if not the same -- amount of greenhouse gases. So keeping in mind how often we will need to purchase a product is also important when considering our overall carbon footprint.

Ecologically minded companies have sought to find the best mix of quantity vs shipping emissions and have come up with their own formulas. For example, this means shipping a box with 22 AAs, 22 AAAs, and 2 9v Batteries per subscription cycle for us at Better Battery Company. It is important to look for companies that have assessed the full product life cycle when choosing a subscription service. And don’t forget to find the shipment frequency that makes sense to you within these parameters!

How to Reduce Waste and Pollution While Using a Subscription Service

You may be wondering how to find and responsibly use subscription services that follow this sustainable agenda. Not to worry, we have three easy tips to help you shop more sustainably: 

1. Choose a brand that limits its carbon footprint and offsets any carbon emissions that it does produce 

That includes packaging and shipping. Our commitment to safely recycling spent batteries completes this remarkably sustainable model.

2. Ensure the packaging can be reused -- or at least recycled

Many products are marketed as recyclable, but few take into account the importance of recycling everything associated with packaging, shipping and selling a given unit of product. We’ve taken care of that oversight.

3. Buy in bulk

Buying the right amount of product for your household is key here. Ask your subscription service for advice on the quantity to shipping emissions ratio; this will help you understand how emission levels change based on each shipment size. Also consider your personal consumption habits -- sticking to a smaller package is a good idea if you only need one or two small packages per year, whereas purchasing larger quantities can be useful if it helps you stretch the time between shipments.

Living a more sustainable life does not need to be a difficult undertaking -- especially when you use ecologically minded subscription services like Better Battery Company.  Are you ready to power your world with positivity?

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