Carbon Sequestration: How Can We Reduce Carbon in the Atmosphere?

People who care about the environment know that reducing carbon emissions is one of the most crucial goals we can all aspire to. But how can we decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in meaningful ways? There are numerous approaches to this important challenge, like investing in “clean” energy production, changing food consumption habits, and reducing personal every-day emissions from activities like driving.

However, we have already emitted tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and there are no plans to stop this trend any time soon. One way scientists have found to help equalize our emissions is by removing CO2 from the atmosphere through a process called Carbon Sequestration. This process removes carbon from the atmosphere by using specialized machines, controlled chemical reactions, and strategically planting trees and crops that help trap or transform high levels of carbon dioxide into useful molecules.

Carbon sequestration is needed if we plan to make noticeable changes to our environment before important deadlines, like the goal to keep our average global temperature below 1.5 degrees pre-industrial by 2030. This is why we should not only pivot our personal emissions, but also aim to shop for brands that invest in carbon offsetting, reforestation, and carbon farming projects. 

Why Is Carbon Dioxide Bad for the Environment?

While pure carbon is a solid element, it’s most often found in gaseous form, as carbon dioxide (CO2); a so-called greenhouse gas. It’s called that because in the atmosphere, CO2 tends to trap heat from the sun, like a sort of planetary, invisible blanket. Just as the glass of a greenhouse traps heat from the sun, enabling you to garden even in harsh climates, CO2 in the atmosphere traps heat from the sun, slowly raising the planet’s average temperature. 

Research has shown that CO2 levels have been rising sharply for the past century or so, in lockstep with human activities related to the burning of fossil fuels. While it helps to invest in a hybrid or all-electric vehicle for your personal use, the fact remains that the electricity used to recharge those innovative automotive batteries is often generated through the burning of fossil fuels.

Ways to Reduce Atmospheric Carbon

There are various approaches to minimizing carbon in the atmosphere, and thus, reducing potential greenhouse effects. At Better Battery Co., we proudly achieve zero net carbon emissions by investing in, an organization whose motto is: “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.”™ 

1.  Carbon Sequestration

Planting trees is among the most effective measures we can take to remove carbon from the air and lock it into trees and soil. Deforestation is estimated to account for about 20% of atmospheric carbon. Reforestation helps reverse this trend.   

2.  Lowering Emissions

Slashing the carbon we continue to pump into the air through the burning of fossil fuels is among the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Finding renewable sources of energy, which do not involve burning fossil fuels, is crucial for a sustainable future. One meaningful contribution you can make as an individual is to buy batteries that can be used, then recycled into other useful components. 

Buy Batteries, Help Decrease Carbon in the Atmosphere

A Better Battery Co. subscription is the convenient, innovative method to achieve this small but meaningful contribution. Our start-to-finish carbon neutral program is designed to help decrease atmospheric CO2 levels, so we can all enjoy a better future. Our partnership with the Carbon Fund enables us to help you become a better steward of the environment -- and our future.

Better Battery Company: Let’s power your world with positivity! 

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