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Better means we’ve considered the full life cycle of your batteries from start to finish. Many of us even make the effort to recycle paper, drive electric cars, and save water. Why, then, are we so willing to throw away used batteries? Better Battery Co. has created the world’s first battery subscription service aimed to help the environment.

Recycling batteries helps the environment

It may surprise you to know that the convenience of “disposable” batteries comes with a hefty carbon footprint and a substantial risk of contributing to environmental pollution. Battery recycling and carbon offsetting is our simple — yet ingenious — solution to this too-long-overlooked problem. While it’s easy enough to search for “battery recycling near me,” how dedicated are you, really, to making that extra trip to the recycling center?

That’s why we’ve created an affordable battery subscription service that allows you to receive and recycle your batteries without leaving the comfort of your home. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of disposable batteries without having to worry about recycling the batteries and their packaging properly. Just re-pack your batteries, print the shipping label, and drop off the package with your batteries at your nearest FedEx or Canada Post store or drop box. You can sit back and enjoy knowing that your batteries will find new uses in the world!

A better recycling process

How much of a battery can be recycled? We’ve pioneered a fully sustainable cycle that enables us to recycle components associated with the batteries, packaging, and everything in between. Not only that, but we take care of recycling while offsetting the carbon footprint associated with every single step of your batteries’ lifecycle: making the batteries, shipping, and even recycling them.

How we achieved this:

  1. All of our batteries are Alkaline batteries, which helps us ensure that the battery sorting is accurate when it’s sent to Raw Materials Co., our partner battery recycling plant.
  2. Our packaging is fully recyclable. The paper and plastic used to ship your batteries is also recycled after the batteries reach Raw Material Co.'s facilities.
  3. Worried about carbon emissions? So were we! We’ve calculated all of the carbon associated with your battery’s life -- a calculation called the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). We then partnered with to ensure we can offset every last bit of carbon emissions associated with your batteries.

Batteries are recycled for new, better uses

At the recycling facility components are broken down and individual components are carefully extracted for new uses. The recycled battery components will be used to make new and more sustainable items, like:

  • Zinc manganese concentrate is used as a micronutrient in fertilizer to improve crop yield.
  • Zinc oxide can be used as an effective, non-toxic sunscreen component.
  • The steel components in our alkaline batteries are used for steel-based products, such as cookware.
  • Contents like paper, plastic, and brass are used to strengthen concrete in road construction.

Better Battery Co. AAA Battery & AA Battery for Recyling

Pretty neat, right? It’s all part of our commitment to recycle every possible material from each and every battery. Just the way it should be.

Eco Alkaline C Battery, D Battery, and 9V Battery for Recyling

A better way to power your life starts here.

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