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Better Battery.

When we couldn't
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Better means we’ve considered the full life cycle of your batteries from start to finish. Many of us make the effort to recycle paper, drive electric cars, and save water. Why, then, are we so willing to throw away used batteries? Better Battery Co. has created the world’s first carbon neutral battery with a built-in recycling program!

Recycle your batteries +


helps the environment

It may surprise you to know that the convenience of “disposable” batteries comes with a hefty carbon footprint and a substantial risk of contributing to environmental pollution. Battery recycling and carbon offsetting is our simple — yet ingenious — solution to this too-long-overlooked problem.

Our Partners at Raw Materials Co. have been independently audited and verified under the CSA Group Guideline - CSA SPE-890-15 to have a recycling efficiency rate (RER) of 84%, the RMC 3500 (3rd generation) was specifically designed to recycle alkaline batteries. Their process recovers all the battery components. Recycled products are sold locally without additives or further refinement. The non-recyclable plastic is converted to energy, offsetting 80% of the energy consumption of the process. Nothing goes to landfill.

It is more sustainable and up to 90% more efficient to recycle zinc, manganese, potassium and steel than it is to mine and produce these materials from ore.

A better
recycling process

How much of a battery can be recycled? Our fully sustainable process for recycling batteries and packaging can recycle every single component and offset the carbon footprint associated with every step of the batteries' lifecycle. This includes the production, shipping, and recycling processes. We ensure maximum recycling of batteries, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

How we achieved this:

  1. All of our batteries are Alkaline batteries, which helps us ensure that the battery sorting is accurate when it’s sent to Raw Materials Co., our partner battery recycling plant.
  2. Our packaging is fully recyclable. The paper and plastic used to ship your batteries is also recycled after the batteries reach Raw Material Co.'s facilities.
  3. We run a calculation called the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). We partner with CarbonFund.org to ensure we can offset every last bit of carbon emitted during the production, shipping and recycling of our batteries.

Batteries are recycled for new, better uses

The batteries are broken down at the recycling facility and the individual components are carefully extracted for new uses.

  • Zinc, manganese and potassium are all natural earth elements and are necessary for life. Each of these elements plays a key role in promoting healthy plant growth and is found naturally in the soil and used in commercial fertilizers. 100% of the zinc, manganese and potassium is recovered and used as a premium micro-nutrient to grow corn - an originally intended application. The use of RMC micro-nutrients increases corn yields by 20 bushels per acre; which is an important commodity and food source for our planets growing population.
  • The paper and plastic from the battery that is unable to be recycled is sent to an Energy from Waste (EFW) facility and converted into electricity. The electricity produced from that paper and plastic offsets 80% of the electricity Raw Materials Company uses for its recycling process.
  • Approximately 25% of an alkaline battery is made up of steel and nickel. Through our mechanical process, 100% of the steel and nickel is recovered and sold back into the local market as a premium product in the production of new metals.

Better Battery Co. AAA Battery & AA Battery for Recyling

Pretty neat, right? It’s all part of our commitment to recycle every possible material from each
and every battery.
Just the way it should be.

Eco Alkaline C Battery, D Battery, and 9V Battery for Recyling

Recycling Labels

Hi Earth Friends! When your batteries are depleted generate a prepaid recycling label HERE. Thanks for doing your part!

Recycle your batteries +
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