The Subscription Box: A Guide To Receiving, Using, and Recycling Your BBCo Batteries

For decades, consumers have purchased batteries in a variety of handy sizes for their toys, home electronics, and other products. Ranging in size from AAA to 9V, these miniature power sources are emblematic of modern convenience. Unfortunately, they are also examples of a convenience culture that is less focused on sustainability and more interested in disposable consumption.

With a subscription from BBCo, you can enjoy the convenience of always having batteries on hand, combined with the peace of mind that comes from zero net carbon emissions and responsible recycling. In short: Our plans enable you to embrace both convenience and sustainable consumerism with a conscience. Ordering, Using, and Recycling your box is so easy that we’ve broken down the process below to answer any questions you may have!

Before you get your box

Signing up for a BBCo subscription is easy:

  • Click on the Subscribe Now button located at the top right on our home page. This will take you to a description of what you will get, at what cost.
  • Click the Next + button, then select your shipment frequency. Use the drop-down menu at the left of the new screen to choose among Every 12 Months, Every 6 Months, or Every 4 Months.
  • On the next step, you will be given the opportunity to add extra packs to your current order. You can add more boxes to your cart or proceed to check out.
  • Proceed to payment and lock in your chosen subscription plan. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or Diners Club.

If you find that you need batteries more frequently than you originally anticipated, you can easily change your subscription plan at any time by emailing us directly at We ask that you make any requested changes 30 days before your previous shipping date in order for changes to take effect. Rest assured, we won’t charge your account until your box actually ships.

We ship through FedEx, so tracking your shipment is easy. We will email you when your package ships, and notify you of your FedEx tracking number. Simply enter your tracking number into the FedEx website or tracking app to identify where your box is on its journey, and when your package will arrive at your doorstep.

While our packaging was created with even the most extreme shipping conditions in mind, we do recommend preparing a dry place away from direct sunlight for FedEx to drop off your package in case you aren’t home. While your batteries will be safe throughout the shipping process, keeping them in a cool and dry place helps ensure their longevity and quality once you open the box.

Using your BBCo battery subscription box

Your box containing the most desired batteries will arrive at your doorstep. Featuring 22 AAAs, 22 AAs and 2 9V batteries, the box your batteries arrive in serves as both a storage — and return — box. Hidden inside your battery box, you will find a path that helps you keep track of which battery should be used next. Not only that, but your batteries have been designed with colored tips so that you can store depleted batteries with the negative, teal-colored pole up and keep track of what batteries have been used. This not only makes your BBCo batteries more efficient than others, but it also keeps you and your family safer too!

Safe Storage

Did you know that when batteries’ terminals touch one another a spark can be created? This, in turn, could spark a fire. That is one of the reasons why we’ve created a robust packaging to house each individual battery in their own slot during shipping and daily use. Keep in mind that you should never include other batteries, or extra batteries from previous boxes, in your subscription box.

For best results, we recommend you store your battery box in a cool place, away from excessive humidity, and separated from any household cleaners or metals. Never allow batteries to touch end to end.

What should you do if any batteries leak? While this is extremely unlikely, we recommend you do not touch any chemicals with bare skin. Wash your hands if you do happen to contact any leaked material. For more information visit our website and click on Safety Information or Safety Data Sheet, both located at the bottom of our home page. These links lead to plenty of useful information about the safe use, storage, and return of our non-rechargeable (primary) batteries.

Sending your BBCo box for recycling

You will receive a convenient poly mailer with each box. When all of the batteries in your box have been depleted, simply slide it into your poly mailer, and seal it. Then, print your free shipping label from our website, affix it to the mailer, and drop the package off at your nearest drop box or FedEx shipping center.

Your depleted batteries will go directly to our recycling partner, Call2Recycle. Upon receipt, your used alkaline batteries will be processed for recycling. The recyclers will recover everything from steel and plastic to spent electrolytes, and process these materials for other uses.

Of course, it can take some time to use up 46 batteries. So don't keep your mailer in a safe place and have it on hand when the time comes for shipping off your used batteries.

Better Performance, Better Disposal, A Greater Peace of Mind

Taking care of our planet’s health matters, and we’re happy you’ve joined us in making the world a little bit better by choosing a recyclable battery service. But you can rest assured that our commitment to the planet goes beyond simply recycling -- BBCo also invests in offsetting the carbon emissions created throughout the lifecycle of our products.

We have done a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment of our carbon emissions to ensure we offset the carbon generated throughout the full lifecycle of our batteries, this way we can continue to minimize our footprint on the planet and have a greater peace of mind. Carbon neutral. Recyclable. Better Battery Co. Keep your world powered with positivity.

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We are the world's 1st certified carbon neutral battery with a Climate Pledge Certification! Not only are our batteries sustainable for the environment, but are high quality, long lasting alkaline batteries designed for all of your everyday needs.

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