Martin Guitars partners with Better Battery Co. for sustainable batteries in a range of electro-acoustic models

Martin Guitars has paired up with Better Battery Co. to use sustainable batteries in a range of its electro-acoustic models.

Martin Guitars has been a pioneer of championing sustainability, the brand was one of the first guitar manufacturers to develop an ecological policy back in 1990.

On the Martin Guitars website, it explains, “We’ve embraced responsible use of traditional tonewoods and encouraged building guitars with alternative woods. We’re on a mission to protect the earth while providing economic, social, and cultural opportunities for people everywhere. As a company, we’re committed to recycling everything we can, wasting as little as possible, and working to minimise our impact on the planet.”

In its latest environmentally friendly move, Martin Guitars is now set to use sustainable, carbon neutral alkaline batteries provided by Better Battery Co. The brand states that its batteries are a “world first”, and everything from the packaging to the battery itself can be recycled.

In a post on Instagram, Better Battery Co. wrote, “We are excited to announce our partnership with @martinguitar! A Better Battery 9V will now be in a wide range of the brand’s electric acoustic guitars to power the preamp! Sustainability is in Martin’s DNA.”

It added, “They were the first instrument manufacturer to implement an environmental policy in 1990, and they strive to save energy, minimise waste and ultimately be good stewards of the environment. Similarly, BBCo was founded to challenge the status quo and rethink everyday products in a new way, providing an eco-conscious solution through innovation.”

“Here at Martin, we take every possible opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle throughout our facilities and our product line,” said Thomas Ripsam, President and CEO of Martin Guitar (via Music Radar). “We’re excited to work with Better Battery to help us further minimise our impact on the planet.”

It has not been specified which models in particular are using the batteries, but you can find out more about Martin Guitars sustainability mission here.

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